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Dear Friends and supporters
I will be working at the Anasa Community Wellness Centre is Kefallinias 15, 8027 Paphos on a Wednesday afternoons. I will be holding an Awareness Through Movement (ATM)  workshops on Saturday April 18th.
By popular request, for 2015, I am offering Wellness Mentoring Programs. These are 1 to 1 opportunities for anyone interested in learning more about personal wellness and well-being to tap into my enormous wealth of experience, study, knowledge and the cutting edge tools for wellness I use in my work.  The objective being to create a network of evolved, healthy practitioners to help others.
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Ongoing Special for 2015
30minute FREE Feldenkrais Consultation at Zogonos Holistic Centre, 2 Dimonikou Street, Larnaca 616.

·         Who do you want to be? Moshe Feldenkrais often emphasized that his work was not about creating superheroes but “to restore each person to their human dignity….. enable them to access their full potential”. That’s who I want to be. Truly myself. How about you?

As the only Feldenkrais Practitioner in Cyprus, I challenge you to find out how the Feldenkrais method can help you. Discover more  on my website or check out

·       Feldenkrais Guild website


Future presentations: 
  • Test-drive the interactive emWave desktop program, boost your potential and access the zone for enhanced learning, studying, work productivity, team sports and creative endeavors.
  • Listen to Hemi-Sync® to balance and enhance your brain capacity and learn how you can support your children during study times, enhance deep relaxation, creativity and personal development.
  • Your voice can be the springboard for your health and vitality with VoiceBio - an exciting method of well being assessment using your vocal tones. 
  • Bach Flower Remedies for simple, cost effective well-being through time of challenge and change.

Future Events
Barbara continues to offer you the opportunity to  introduce YOUR OWN GROUP (minimum 10 persons) to her unique, life changing Presentations, Workshops and Trainings offered in EVENTS and either provide YOUR OWN VENUE  or bring your group to R Place in Fasoula Village, Limassol.

Book your group NOW.

Special group packages available.  

On-Line Training

Computer Comfort On-Line
Register now and join us for the NEW series of  Feldenkrais Method® Awareness Through Movement Lessons,
Computer Comfort Online in real time.  Free yourself from pain and discomfort and increase your productivity, all in the comfort of your own home.
Click here to learn more and sign up.

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