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 A Quick Guide to the 38 BACH FLOWER REMEDIES 
Face your Feeling of terror about somethingRock Rose
FearsFear of known things, or you are shyMimulus
 Fears or anxiety about unknown thingsAspen
 Fear of loosing controlCherry Plum
 Feel anxious or over-concerned for other peopleRed Chestnut
Insufficient Lives in the past, nostalgiaHoneysuckle
Interest in Dreaminess, lack interest in presentClematis
Present Resignation, apathy, lethargyWild Rose
CircumstancesLack of physical energyOlive
 Chattering thoughts, unwanted mental argumentsWhite Chestnut
 Deep gloom with no known originMustard
 Failure to learn from past mistakes, want to break a habitChestnut Bud
LonelinessYou like your own company, may seem proud and aloofWater Violet
 Talkative, self-centredness, self concernHeather
Despondency Lack of confidenceLarch
or DespairFeel guilty, reproaching yourselfPine
 Feel overwhelmed by responsibility / situationElm
 Extreme mental anguishSweet Chestnut
 After-effects of any shockStar of Bethlehem
 Resentment, or feel sorry for yourselfWillow
 Exhausted but struggle on past your limitsOak
 Self-hatred, feel unclean or dislike something about yourselfCrab Apple
UncertaintySeeks advice and confirmation from othersCerato
 Indecision, can't make up mindScleranthus
 Discouraged at small set backs, despondencyGentian
 Feeling of hopelessness and despairGorse
 'Monday morning' feeling, you procrastinateHornbeam
 Uncertainty as to correct path in life, want to find your vocationWild Oat
Over-Mental torment behind a brave face, Agrimony
Sensitivity to Weak-willed and subservient, have difficulty saying 'no'Centraury
Influences andDuring life changes, births/death, and protection from outside influencesWalnut
IdeasHatred, envy, jealousyHolly
Over-care forSelfishly possessive, demandingChicory
the welfare ofOver-enthusiasmVervain
othersDomineering, inflexibleVine
 Critical or Intolerant of othersBeech
 Set high stands, hard on self, self-denial, self-criticalRock Water

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