Barbara has been enthusiastically engaged in the study and research of human potential for many years.  She works with the principle that as humans beings we naturally  desire to operate  at our highest  level . When we can engage  and encompasses the whole self, the learning process flows seamlessly. However, life throws us challenges which can discourage and side tracked us. We fall back into the  habitual patterns we developed as children and we begin to  “try hard” and limit our progress.  These limiting patterns are often reinforce physical, mental  and emotional stress.


As a Feldenkrais Practitioner, Barbara has developed the skill of  switching between ‘specific and global observation’.  She works on a one to one basis with Functional Integration (FI), a gentle informative touch process to engage the body and encourage communication with all our systems. The group work Awareness Through Movement (ATM) uses  gentle informative movement and voice directed instructions to help participants identify the less helpful organizations and replace them with workable, elegant, positive movement strategies which enable them to unlock their full learning potential.

Barbara finds that when we recognize our unrealized potential, we are able to explore possibilities in our lives way beyond our imaginings. It was her journey to recovery after a car accident in Egypt in 1984 that led to Barbara to train as a Feldenkrais Practitioner® She believes that when approached with awareness, our challenges can be our greatest gifts which can enable personal growth, physical well being and the opportunity to access our full potential.

Reaching Deeper Within

In order to support her desire to reach deeper and explore further, Barbara was drawn to the Monroe Institute® in Virginia, USA, in September 2001.  Barbara found the Monroe Institute Programs supported and enabled the personal expansion she sought in order to guide others in their personal growth. Barbara has been an Excursion Outreach Trainer since 2010.

Heart/Brain Connection

Barbara has worked with the HeartMath® Institute programs since 1993 and is a HeartMath Interventions Practitioner. She  deeply engages with the heart /brain connection to help her many clients overcome physical and emotional challenges to reach their highest level of potential. She links the use of Hemi-Sync to everyday activities such as speaking and listening, learning, overcoming pain and trauma and personal growth.

Family Constellations

Barbara supports the principle that we are the sum total of those who have gone before us. Our ancestors have brought us many gifts and challenges which can effect our present day evolution. Recognizing, honouring  and where necessary healing aspects of our lineage  can create profound healing for ourselves and our relationships with others. Barbara works one to one or with small groups using the  Hellinger Constellation methodology.