Join us on journey of self discovery as you deepen your intuition, expand your awareness, fine tune your self healing and explore your consciousness

        Monroe Institute Virtual Online Weekend Excursion Workshop Retreat

Date:February 27st -28th Inclusive

Time: Start 10.3am – Finish 7pm daily

Place: Online – in the comfort of your own home

Linda Leblanc and Barbara Jones, accredited Monroe Institute Virtual Online Outreach Trainers, invite you to the Virtual Online Excursion Workshop.

In this two day expertly and clearly guided workshop you will, through Hemi-Sync® audio technology experience consciousness exploration. This easy-to-use audio guidance technology helps you to create states ranging from deep relaxation to expanded states of awareness enabling self healing, inspirational decision making, inner harmony and deep states of relaxation. You will access you own inner guidance, release fears and limiting beliefs and delve deeper into your human potential.

During the Workshop you will:

• Learn tools to access expanded states of consciousness quickly and easily whenever you wish.

• Access your previously untapped intuition, healing potential and many other inner resources.

• Learn how to practically apply these tools for everyday life including better quality sleep, positive decision making and self healing.

• Experience expanded states that generally require 20+ years of dedicated meditative practice.

This Virtual Online program uses the Zoom platform which allows you to attend in the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world.

We have structured the workshop timing so that you can comfortably attend from home base in Cyprus, UK, Middle East or anywhere in Europe.


Fee: €195 for new participants / €120 for past graduates of Barbara or Linda’s programs

Booking with full payment in advance by Friday February 19th, 2021 will reserve your place.

For information Q & A Monday February 15th form 7pm – 8pm

or to book, contact Barbara Jones, Tel: 99335984 or email

Your trainers  This online program is run by two trainers who work in tandem to ensure you get the very best out of the program.

Barbara, your Monroe Institute (TMI)  Outreach Trainer  began her journey with TMI n 2001 to reconcile her Near Death Experiences.   Barbara is  excited  to offer Online Excursion

is joined by Linda Leblanc (TMI) Outreach Trainer and Residential Trainer

Barbara is deeply grateful for the help and support she has received on her journey and looks forward to the opportunity to help you on yours.



A day just for you to enjoy being . . .

Positively Ageless

            using Hemi-Sync, affirmations and much more . . .

     with Barbara Jones


Open your mind to creating miracles, as you consciously

create your reality with clear, focussed intentions and actions

When we alter the way we have been conditioned to think about age, we are able to create new patterns that affect our physical and psychological selves.

Positively Ageless  is packed full of  life affirming wisdom and time for  deep rejuvenation.  You will connect with other women – seekers,   just like yourself, developing  the bond of friendship and community,  supporting each other on this journey.

Feel younger, healthier, stronger, and more at peace while enhancing the overall quality of your life.


Fee for Positively Ageless: Euro 95 (pay before September 18th SAVE Euro 10)  Pre-payment ONLY books your spot: via cash, PayPal or Revolut by Wednesday September 25rd  Please email for payment information. Maximum 10 participants.

Venue: R Place, Fasoula, Limassol


Registration at 8.30am   Program begins prompt at 9am ends  prompt at  6pm                             Morning and afternoon breaks :  tea, coffee, water and juice provided with snacks and nibbles            Lunch:  Bring Your Own or share – 1 hour  lunch break.                                                                      For  your comfort:  wear layers, warm socks + bring sheet, throw and pillow. Bring pen + notebook    Contact Barbara:    MOB:99335984


Your Trainer

Barbara, your Monroe Institute (TMI)  Outreach Trainer  began her journey with TMI to reconcile her Near Death Experiences and continue to evolve. She has attended 11 programs at TMI and is excited  to offer the Advanced Trainings: Personal Development, Healing Development and Inner Development here in Cyprus. The Outreach Excursion Program is the prerequisite for the Advanced Programs.  Barbara is deeply grateful for the help and support she has received on her journey and looks forward to the opportunity to help you on yours.




Bendy Backs – Feldenkrais Workshop

with Barbara Jones

Saturday February 17th from 3pm until 6pm at R Place

Fee: €30 per person OR bring a friend ONLY €50 for two

This workshop will:

  • help you to manage pain and discomfort.
  • help you to deal with chronic or acute back and neck pain.
  • help you access your full potential in your work and play.
  • help you to move freely and easily.

During the workshop you will:

◄ explore how to make the best of your back.

◄ move freely and gracefully  in your everyday life.

◄ learn the keys to relaxing, quality, restorative sleep.

◄ discover how to get the most out of your movement.

The workshop is:

  • effective for the prevention of back pain
  • effective for sports enthusiasts who want to perform better.
  • effective for all those with functional back and neck difficulties.
  • effective for office workers who want to be comfortable when working.

HeartMath Banner

Empower Your Life – Boost Your Resilience

Presentation Using the HeartMath® Techniques

With Barbara Jones

HeartMath Interventions Practitioner

The HeartMath® techniques and technologies were created to help people harness the power of their heart to self-regulate and take charge of their emotions for healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Studies conducted with over 11,500* people have shown significant improvements in mental & emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath techniques and technology:

24% improvement in the ability to focus
30% improvement in sleep
38% improvement in calmness
46% drop in anxiety
48% drop in fatigue
56% drop in depression

During the presentation you will practice a series of simple but powerful HeartMath Coherence techniques which will enable you to shift from negative emotions to positive emotions in real-time and to achieve the performance you need, on demand.

The HeartMath System will empower you with the ability to transform your stress, self-regulate your emotions in-the-moment, renew your energy and build your capacity to manage life’s challenges and adversities… in short, Boost Your R)