Feldenkrais Method – Awareness Through Movement

The Feldenkrais Method  of Awareness Through Movement  (ATM) takes place in a group setting. The student listens to the teacher and their own body whilst following the teachers verbal directions and guidance. You to learn to move  with minimum effort and maximum efficiency – not through muscular strength, but through becoming aware of how your body works.  You learn to reduce stress, tension and fatigue as you develop efficient and flexible movement.

ATM lessons, the Feldenkrais teacher’s verbally guidance takes you through a sequence of movements in basic positions: sitting or lying on the floor, standing or sitting on a chair.

As you learn which movements work better for you and notice the quality of these positive changes in you body, you learn to relax and to abandon habitual patterns and develop new alternatives.  The subtle ATM movements develop not only  awareness but also flexibility and co-ordination.

After ATM lessons, people often feel taller and lighter, breathe more freely and find their discomforts have eased.  They experience relaxation and a sense of release.  Best of all the new learning stays with them and becomes part of their everyday living.

The Feldenkrais Method integrates movement with thinking, feeling and sensing and as a result it can help expand your potential in other areas.  As Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, the creator of the method, taught, we can

“….. make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.

Moshe Feldenkrais


Intensive monthly  workshops are for those who prefer a deep immersion  and accelerated progress.