Feldenkrais Method

Imagine being so aware that even as you reach for a cup of coffee, you sense the muscles in your back and arm working together, supporting your hand, the quality of each finger’s touch as it wraps around the cup, the momentary intake of breath as you carefully lift it to your lips, the fluttering of your eyelids as you take your first sip. The human organism has the potential to experience this peak awareness, not just during moments of heightened danger or demand, but every moment. By developing this ability, you move more effectively, listen more carefully, make fewer mistakes, injure yourself less, and enrich your life as well as the lives of others around you. Whether you have limitations due to injury, or are at the peak of your performance, you can improve, grow and enjoy your life more fully with the Feldenkrais Method.

We are always moving – even sitting at the computer involves a complex series of signals throughout the nervous system that keeps the mouse moving, the toes tapping, the forehead wrinkling. These habitual movements help get the job done – the foot knowing when to step on the brakes, the hand knowing how to hold the toothbrush. But many of these habits also cause pain and limitation. Hunched shoulders, grinding teeth, tense lower back are just a few examples of what Moshe Feldenkrais called parasitic habits. Often an illness or an injury has forced the development of compensatory habits – they help you through initial recovery, and then they create greater problems. The Feldenkrais Method works directly with the skeletal /neurological programming that created these patters and helps you to reset your system to find a better, easier and more efficient way of moving. The Feldenkrais Method has helped people overcome the limitations of long term and short term injuries, conditions and delayed development as well as trauma  such as car accidents, strokes and sudden onset conditions.

Research has proven that the nervous system can learn to create new patterns, new “neural pathways” for a more rewarding life. It does this most effectively through movement – the language of the body. The Feldenkrais Method® uses subtle, sophisticated movements to teach people how to literally reorganize themselves – improve range of motion, reduce pain and live a fuller life. Students can take group classes, called Awareness Through Movement® lessons (ATM), or work one on one Functional Integration® lessons (FI).  Both approaches are extremely safe, pleasant learning experiences for any level of movement ability – from severe limitation to peak performance. You can learn much more by reading the Feldenkrais FAQ page.