Barbara’s mentoring programs are often entered into with a defined time limit, or a defined goal. Having such a framework in place can be easier for both parties to agree than an open-ended commitment.

For example you may agree to work with a mentor for a year, or until you have achieve a particular desired goal or promotion. After you have reached the time limit or achieved the goal, terms can be renegotiated. As is often the case, you  may choose to  continue to working together, especially if the relationship has been productive and helpful to both.

The Roles of a Mentor

Barbara identifies the Mentors role as

  • Managing the relationship
  • Encouraging
  • Nurturing
  • Teaching
  • Offering mutual respect
  • Responding to the learner’s needs

Learning Consultant

This role includes helping the learner to clarify their goals, or their learning style.

As a mentor, Barbara’s role is guiding you to reflect on your experience whilst drawing out your learning opportunities. This process is greatly supported by the HeartMath process of connecting the heart and the brain and she uses both the HeartMath Inner Balance and emWave tools to enable ongoing training and feedback. Barbara tailors each session and each program to the needs of the individual and has a range of tools, and many years of experience  available to her.

Barbara is also  able to provide the learner with theoretical models to support their learning, such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicators and the Ladder of Inference.

Adviser or Information Resource

As a mentor, teacher, trainer and  Barbara is  a valuable source of information, and not just a sounding board.

Barbara is able to offer her experience in Family Constellations to assist in healing family wounds which may be holding you back.This can take place individually or in small groups.

As an experienced Special Needs Assessor and Consultant Barbara is able to offer support and guidance to enable you to make the best of your position in the workplace.

European mentoring and Coaching Council.
European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Critical Friend

Barbara operates

through encouraging, drawing out, reflecting back and challenging assumptions, and, if necessary, provide critical feedback on ideas or plans under discussion.