For the past two decades, the medical profession has accepted the fact that poor health and a number of diseases are associated with disturbances in micro-circulation.  They may even be caused or at least exacerbated by it. This applies to the transportation of nutritive substances and  the body‘s own defense mechanism.  When the proper functioning of the micro-circulation and the body‘s immune system fails, a disconnect occurs. This disconnect  limits  the body’s ability to protect itself. Stimulating a compromised micro-circulation will increase the functionality and adaptability of many organs. Whilst supporting the body‘s own defense mechanisms the BEMER can do the job! Explore the new Bemer University page

Certified as the BEST!

On Friday, January 30, 2009 the German Regional Court in Berlin ruled for the approval of more than 50 different advertising statements made by BEMER. The ruling rcognizes these statements are based on indisputable, scientific facts, backed by results from multiple studies and thorough research.

Key points

  • approved by the German Regional Court – Legal No: 52O286107
  • Scientific studies using the BEMER 3000 Plus show an improvement in micro-circulation as the most significant success factor of PEMF applications
  • The BEMER signal is the only impulse whose effect is scientifically proven to be beneficial. The most significant effects of the BEMER signal on the organism of humans and animals are:
  • Increased supply of oxygen and energy (ATP) through the improvement of micro-circulation.
  • Support of the body‘s own self-regulatory mechanisms through the activation of cellular and molecular processes.
  • Supports the immune system through improved adhesion behavior of white blood cells to protect the body from free radicals.

BEMER Plus signal: Impact on vasomotion

The rhythmic contraction of small arteries and arterioles called vasomotion plays an important role in the distribution of blood in the tissues. It is induced by the coordinated contraction of the individual smooth muscle cells of the vessel walls as a result of oscillating variances in the intra-cellular calcium ion concentration.

The impact on your energy

Oxygen is the most important substance our cells need to produce energy.. It is more efficiently transported  when red blood cells are free to carry more oxygen. Lack of exercise and r environmental issues cause our blood cells to stick together. The BEMER  Classic and Pro separates them so they are able to carry more oxygen for higher energy production.

The impact of environmental influences:

Free radicals are aggressive oxygen compounds in the body. They attack surrounding substances and also play a significant role in the development of cancer, heart and circulatory disease and rheumatic and auto immune diseases. Free radicals also influence the aging process.

The formation of free radicals and  free radical binding substances happens naturally in the body. However, this process can be negatively impacted by environmental factors. This is where the BEMER can help! It supports the body’s natural creation of free radical binding substances by squelching oxidative damage while building up anti-oxidant protection.