Hemi-Sync® was developed by Robert Monroe, the Founder of the Monroe Institute®. The Monroe Institute  has continued to develop Robert Monroe’s technology which is now used worldwide by groups,  institutions and individuals who aspire to access their highest potential. Hemi-Sync sound based technology is used to enable deep levels of relaxation, focus and concentration, creativity, sleep, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, out of body experience and much, much more. Together we can create tailored program perfect for your needs.

With a one to one Hemi-Sync session using your  area of focus Barbara will guide you in creating a tailored program for your needs. With Barbara’s experienced and support you will learn to access higher levels of consciousness to move forward in which ever direction you choose.Checkout this free ebook from the Monroe Institute  for more details

At the beginning of the session Barbara will take you through a preparation sequence, then you will be guided through the  ‘road  map” of the program and the different  levels you will be visiting. Once your  Hemi-Sync journey begins your experiences is uniquely your own, created through your  interaction to the different levels of the Hemi-Sync frequencies.

Sound pillow

You will access a “body asleep – mind awake” state where you remain in total control throughout, returning feeling renewed and refreshed. After your journey you will have the opportunity to share your experience. All sessions are confidential.

Sennheiser Headphones® or a specially designed speaker pillow will be provided for your use during the session.

Try this FREE Hemi-Sync Relaxation Exercise – it is even better with headphones