“Dear Barbara, I would like to thank you for treating me whilst I was staying in Cyprus on my last tour. I must say that I found your professional approach as one of the best that I have ever encountered and the fact that I was struggling to walk straight and after 2 visits with yourself I was back on my feet again made me very happy in deed. Thank you and I hope to see you again when I am next in Pissouri.”

George Lazarou

Australian Youth Football Institute
Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre NSW, 2127, Australia

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you to Barbara for the enormous help and support she has shown both to myself and to my immediate family as well as to close friends over the last 15 years. Without her knowledge and guidance my own health and that of my husband would have been considerably worse. As a therapist and friend she has been invaluable in our lives.I would highly recommend her to anyone with any issues.”

Maria Louizou Michaelide, Paphos

“After a childhood accident I was suffering with a displaced coccyx, the pain got increased as I got older. After Barbara did one session I already notice the pain subsiding, and wasn’t long for me not to feel pain at all. I really would recommend Feldenkrais treatment with her, it works!! “  

Roseli Eliseou

“I have been going to Barbara for more than a decade, visiting her every time I had an accident or otherwise put my body out of true and every time she’s been able to fix and realign me. With her help I’ve kept my body in excellent condition and have also benefited from her advise on points of general health and diet. I have been recommending her for years to anyone with similar problems and have always received happy feedback.”

Ginevra Humphreys

“Barbara’s Bowen treatment has made a significant difference to my life. For some time I had suffered back and neck pain. Having tried various alternative therapies a friend recommended Barbara to me and the Bowen Technique.  She has successfully treated and given advice regarding posture and follow up exercises for neck back and knee problems plus banishing forever the pain of sciatica. I have recommended Barbara to friends who have been equally pleased with the results.”

Ann Goodwin

“When I moved to Pissouri last year I had a problem walking as the pain in my lower back was so severe caused by 4 bulging discs touching on the sciatic nerve.  I was taking high doses of tramadol which had little effect.  Fortunately I was introduced to Barbara Jones who practices Feldenkrais and Bowen. I had no idea what this was but suffering so much I thought I had nothing to lose. Within just a few sessions, the affect was amazing. Barbara explored every muscle and bone in my body. I cancelled the treatment that was offered to me in the UK which was a cortisone injection and Physio and put away the walking stick . No treatment could have been more successful for me. My life has been transformed. I can’t recommend this highly enough.”

Sandra Bryan

“I first met Barbara at Limassol Ladies in 1995 where she was giving a very informative talk and demonstration of the Feldenkrais Method. This led to her healing my late husband’s longstanding back problems to the degree that he was able to play golf again, which in turn opened up a whole new world both socially and professionally. It was also a way of fundraising for various charities on the island.

Barbara went on to rescue me and my back, shoulder, ears and indeed anything else which ailed me and anybody else. We were there for the workshops, Bowen treatments, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Singing Bowls and at the time of Bobs death, the Monroe Institute. Barbara is a teacher, a healer of great skill, a listener and above all a true friend.”

Fran Laing, Spalding, Linconshire, UK

“I’ve found Barbara has a wealth of knowledge on the body and its well-being, acquired through her vast range of studies as well as her own personal experience with trauma. When I suffered with a ‘medically diagnosed torn shoulder tendon’, her Feldenkrais work with me on the tissue, muscle and skeletal system brought me relief from pain and a healthier posture alignment. Through her work with Neuro-plasticity, she encouraged a subtle way of learning to do things differently and efficiently to avoid pain thus allowing the body to regain natural movement and healing.”

Anita Michaelidis, Coach & Psychotherapist

“I would like to share that Barbara is an awesomely talented therapist who has been a “heavensends” to me. Specifically, working with the HeartMath material over the past 2 years. I have found this resource priceless and managed to achieve results not ever otherwise met in my years of multiple self improvement therapies. Her insightful, steady, and stable mentorship:years of insurmountable experience are deeply appreciated by me and I would recommend her to anybody serious about taking responsibility and making positive moves towards complete well-being. Thank You.”

Suzanne M

“I have known Barbara Jones for many years both as a friend, colleague and therapist and am impressed by her wisdom, commitment and integrity in all aspects of her work. Working as an complementary therapist myself and being especially ‘choosy’ as to whom I might turn to for professional help, Barbara would be one of my first ports of call. Whether for her energetic and body work or for her counseling, I would thoroughly recommend her and her work. We are lucky to have her here in Cyprus.”

Olivia Zachariades Pancyprian Association of Acupuncturists Hellinger Constellation Facilitator